Quick Tip: Saving Scalable Vector Graphics From A Website

I’ve recently learned an interesting tip regarding the saving of SVG (scalable vector graphics). If you want to save a copy of a svg from a website, you can do so by performing the following steps;

Steps to Save an SVG:

  1. Open up the source of the website (right click on the website and select view page source)
  2. Completely copy the svg element code (make sure to copy all lines of code found between the open svg tag <svg> and the closing svg tag </svg>
  3. Paste the svg element code in to a new text document
  4. Save the text document with the extension .svg

The result is a perfect copy of the svg element seen on the website, which you can open in most vector graphic programs and if desired saved into other graphic file formats (eg. png, gif, jpg, etc).

Note: If you don’t have a vector graphic program, give Inkscape a try.