Software Resources

As a geomatics professional, I frequently use and like to promote the use of public/open source software alternatives to commercial products. As my first tutorial on this blog, I want to share a list of open source software packages which I have used and hopefully the list will grow over time.

Geomatics Software:

  • QGIS – A robust GIS Software package, which includes extensive tools/functionality.
  • SAGA – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses (SAGA) a GIS software package being developed at the of Physical Geography, Hamburg.
  • GRASS – Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS), originally developed by the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories and now a powerful open source GIS software package.
  • JOSM – Editor for Open Street Map.
  • GPSBabel – A great tool for converting spatial data into different formats.
  • DNRGPS – A tool for transferring/managing data from GPS receivers.

Database Software:

  • SQLite – A public domain, self contained/serverless SQL database engine, which is used by a variety of major software projects including Mozilla.

Development Software:

  • Geany – A GNU General Public License Integrated Development Environment (IDE)/text editor.
  • Eclipse – A powerful and open source IDE, with many addition packages.

Graphical Software:

  • Inkscape – A favorite tool for creating clean vector graphics.
  • GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), a great graphical software package for altering images.
  • Blender – A popular and open source 3D animation development software suite.

(Last updated on Oct 22, 2014)


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