Quick Tip: How to convert a pdf into an image file using ImageMagick

The other day I needed to convert a pdf document into an image file using ImageMagick and here are a few things I learned. Note: The following conversion examples were performed in the Linux terminal but ImageMagick is not limited to a Linux OS.

How to convert a single-page pdf into an image file:

convert file.pdf file.png

How to convert a multi-page pdf into multiple image files:
Note: The following command will output image files where the file names will following the pattern file_pg_#.png. e.g. file_pg_0.png, file_pg_1.png, etc.

convert file.pdf file_pg_%d.png

Additional options:

  • You can replace an alpha background with a white background using the parameters -background white and -alpha remove. See example below.
    convert -background white -alpha remove file.pdf file.png
  • You can change the density of an image (i.e. specify the dots per inch value) using the -density parameter. See example below.
    convert -density 300 file.pdf file.png

Want to learn more about ImageMagick? Check out their site here.

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