Nunaliit Tutorial: Updating the atlas’ default module

When accessing your atlas from the root domain (e.g. it should load a default module. Initially this is set to the demo module but can be updated to a different module within the nunaliit_custom.js file, located in the htdocs directory.

Location of nunaliit_custom.js file in your atlas:
└── htdocs
­└── nunaliit_custom.js

Updating nunaliit_custom.js:

Within the custom service configuration portion of the nunaliit_custom.js file, you should see a line of code which looks like the following;


You will notice that the final parameter being passed to the setOption method, states the id of the demo module ‘module.demo’. To change the default module, simply replace the ‘module.demo’ id with the id of the new module you wish to have as the default.


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