Nunaliit Tutorial: Update the Module Title

The title of the module (seen in the thin bar beneath the larger navigation bar in the atlas), can easily be updated to any string of text. Within the module’s directory you will find the nunaliit_module directory, which will contains the title.json file that you will need to  update.

Where to find the title.json file:
└──  nunaliit_module
 –└── title.json

Example title.json:

,"en":"Demo Atlas"
,"fr":"Atlas Demo"

Update the title of the module:

As seen in the example above, the title.json file can contain multiple versions of the module title for different languages. Each version of the title is identified with the language code key (e.g. “en” for English) and corresponding value of the title in that language (e.g. “Demo Atlas”).  If you wish to update the module’s title, simple update the title’s text value for each required language used in your atlas (e.g. “en”:”Demo Atlas” could be updated to “en”:”Test Atlas Map”).

Note: If your atlas uses other languages in addition to the default English (en) and French (fr), simply include the language code and corresponding translated title, in the same manner as the en and fr examples above.


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