Quick Tip: Displaying the current and total lines in a document with vi

While editing a document in vi you may need to determine the total number of lines in that document or what line the cursor is currently on. Both sources of information can be accomplished with the following commands;

  • := displays the total number of lines in a document
  • :.= displays the current line the cursor is on

Quick Tip: How to increase the console log size in Firefox

Recently I discovered that the console log size in Firefox has a default limit, which prevented me from viewing the full output from a script I was running.

If you find yourself with the same problem, you can change the size of the console log by following these steps.


1) Access the Firefox config file by typing about:config in the browser’s address bar and hitting enter.

2) You will than likely receive a warning message about the risks of changing your browser’s configuration, which you will need to accept before proceeding. Note: Make sure you fully understand the risks of changing any configuration settings before you apply your changes.

3) Search for the preference name devtools.hud.loglimit.console, which should than appear as the only preference in the search results list.

4) Lastly, double click on the preference name and a popup window will allow you to alter the size of the console log from the default value to one you specify.


Screen-shot of changing the console log size in Firefox