Quick Tip: Local Port Forwarding

Recently I needed to learn how to access a http resource from work from my home computer. Being relatively new to ssh, I was completely unaware I could forward a port and access the required resource form my home computer.

If you can ssh into your work server, you can perform local port forwarding using the following ssh command.


ssh <username>@<hostname> -L <localport>:<host>:<hostport>


ssh myusername@mypretendworkserver.com -L 8080:localhost:8057

The above example, forwards localhost:8057 from my work server’s to my home computer’s localhost:8080, giving me local access to a resource previously not accessible.

To learn more about local and remote port forwarding check out this website.


D3.js Work

d3 examplesI’ve finished Scott Murray’s excellent d3 book and have included samples of my work above (a bar graph that incorporates various transition effects, and choropleth map illustrating internet use in 2013). Hopefully these two examples can highlight the power of d3 in visualizing data, and will be the beginning of many more d3 posts from me in the future.