Coming Out From My Rock and Found a Dwarf Fortress Update!

Wow, I must have been under a rock these last 4 months, because I just found out that Dwarf Fortress was updated for the first time in over 2 years. YA!

A screen-shot of Dwarf Fortress's main menu screen

A screen-shot of Dwarf Fortress’s main menu screen

If you haven’t played this free and amazing game, I recommend it. It has a steep learning curve, but once you understand the basic mechanics, it begins to show off it’s charm pretty quickly. It’s a game about creating/managing a fortress for dwarfs, and surviving the harsh reality that is their lives. LOTS of things can go wrong with a fortress, and the appeal of the game comes from both the challenge of surviving and seeing how your story evolves.

You can download the game from Bay 12 Games. Also many graphics sets exist if you want a more graphical appearance than the default ASCII characters, which you can get from here. Lastly, if you haven’t played this game before, be prepared to spend some time upfront to learn how to play. When I started out with this game, I found a great video tutorial series by Captnduck on You Tube which was very helpful. He’s also added some recent videos regarding the update, which I haven’t seen but may be helpful for older players as well.

Anyway I’m off to see what’s changed in Dwarf Fortress. Happy gaming everyone!


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