Beginning With D3

Lately I’ve been studying Data-Driven Documents (d3). It’s a JavaScript library built around the use and visualization of datasets through the web. I’ve been reading Scott Murray’s introduction book on the topic called ‘Interactive Data Visualization for the Web’, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a basic overview of d3.

Simple charts produced using the d3.js library

Simple charts produced using the d3.js library

The above screenshot shows two charts, which I’ve created using the d3 library. All data was provided by the World Bank, and then massaged into a .csv file format, that was imported with the d3 library. Although the charts are simple, it does provide a clear example of how effective the library can be in visualizing datasets. I’m now studying more interactive examples of d3 with an increased focus on using spatial datasets. I look forward to sharing more examples in the future.

If you’re wondering what d3 can do for you, check out the homepage at, and if you’re interested in reading Scott Murray’s book, he has generously provided a free online version through his website.


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